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士  林  官  邸     柯  宅




About the "true " and " imagination ."
" Arty " a derogatory word for Chinese proverb refers to the lack of literate people in order to make tokenism and elegance of the official . In the long design process, designers ( the owners ) are often for their future living space full of good "Imagine ." Once the imagination ( design ) overdone and makes the user ( owner ) fear saddled with " arty " criticism and appears to be unrealistic correction , which is not designed essentially realistic !

Three kinds of " elegance " of the soul
faith of the soul /
Embedded in the stone entrance closet Avalokitesvara , weathered camphor set off back version solemn Buddha . And placed in the contralateral antique console table , a table and set of daily reciting Buddhist scriptures and suspension handed down from her mother Goddess portrait. Here , life is revealed on the religious philosophy of faith.

the soul of music /
Living room wall side stacked with several classic guitars and bass guitars , musical instruments wooden texture projection soft space texture. The owners music workspace, side glass comps large electronic tablet , the edge of the stairs is a group of old sheet music cabinet styling , and an electric piano and recorded music YAMAHA wooden guitar and electric guitar. Here , life is revealed on the art of playing for himself.

collecting souls /
Owners extremely fascinated with the elements of sense of time , from the old entrance forging screens, living room with antique furniture classic guitar dialogue and coexistence of old and new BOSE audio bass sound on the 1950 host next jazz guitar . Old and new dialogue with each other , showing a time comparison uncoordinated beauty. Here , life is revealed on the classic collection.
Three kinds of " realistic" compromise
feng shui compromise /
Corresponds to 45 degrees from the entrance diagonally financial position, placing a symbol of wealth and a symbol of flooding and Amethyst Geode and placed parallel to the rock lights, wooden entrance porch siding restrained the moving line conflicts living deliberately towards the north position overlooking the park and skyline . Without excessive artificial decoration , antique Mallett mottled paint walls, suggesting that all the details of life with Feng Shui form .

compromise of life /
Several storage room entrance side luggage suitcase storage , disclosure owners simple, quiet , thick, low-key living life . The other side is the kitchen pantry work space , double the cooking work surface , indicating that the owner used to cook daily routine and regular life . Link electronic music room and the living room has a glass wall privacy and the use of semi-open mode , to extend the possibility of spatial scales .

enjoy the compromise /
Living room windows side by prominently placed a light gray cloth sofa , just above the projector to broadcast a 120-inch digital movie channels. Master bedroom and living room are separated by a large video wall storage cabinet , cabinet are the owners of the classic movie collection. Side of the master bedroom has a desk job openings ribbon , the joy of reading from solid wood tables and chair legs extending between . Bedside wood siding wall lean side windows through implantation into a strong natural light, bedside OSIM massage chair quietly and healthy life conversation.

Old skin, something soul
Man of the house because the love of music with the hostess and art come together , life seems to have everything related to the arts . A house that has the appearance , in accordance with the state as reflected occupants . Either personality or preferences detail, seem to be aware of . Designers of the owners of real life through exploration , in addition to removing arty space discussion , gradually internalized into a more authentic interpretation of the owners attitude towards life. Instead , it is real simple philosophy of life







信仰的靈魂 /



音樂的靈魂 /



收藏的靈魂 /






風水的妥協 /



生活的妥協 /

玄關邊儲藏室數個收納的行李皮箱,透露業主樸實、寧靜、厚實、低調的旅居生活。儲藏室另一側是廚房工作空間,雙排的料理工作檯面,說明了業主習慣下廚的日常作息與規律生活。連結音樂室與客廳的電子玻璃牆擁有隱私與半開放的使用模式,延展了空間的尺度的可能性 。


享受的妥協 /





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