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The Five Senses [Wall]

About the「wall」

A " wall " of the five senses as a spatial concept prepared by the organization , in which the wall is no longer the architectural space partition structures , but the life time links with each other as well as the importance of narrative elements.

About「five senses」
Vision /  Custom staggered wood collage entrance vestibule extending to the living room big gray tone split stone , bring owners woven towel painting collection Hermes " aesthetic " of the wall.
Taste /  plum wood tables from restaurants rely on really dark heart metallic paint laminate sequences and geometric massing split display cabinets , extending to the mix of Chinese cuisine kitchen tiles white color rectangular cross- nails "knowledge" of the wall
Auditory /  Custom Seating titanium metal coated amount of semi- transparent body , playing a small room separated by a random pattern from the wood mosaic "memory " of the wall
Tactile /  taro from the studio with dark color for the color tone , contrast with transparent tinted glass seamless " drama " of the wall
Smell /  self corridor hidden in plain white walls dark dressing room , with light beige porcelain tile and brick shell belt extends to fancy collage with light green to white to gray tone wallpaper stretched portion bedside trim " consciousness ." the wall

About the「user」
Owners of a young couple , man of the house engaged in international trade has childhood memories of growing up in Argentina , the hostess is a distinctive high-level software engineers straight , the couple has a seemingly different but similar memories . Designers through the " wall " concept , trying to " five senses " internalized users for stone, iron, wood and other raw material of life memories and scenes dialogue . Thus, human life is no longer the barrier but infinite link.








視覺 / 自入口玄關交錯木紋拼貼延伸至起居室大分割灰調石材,襯托業主珍藏Hermes 織巾畫的「審美」之牆。

味覺 / 自餐廳酸梅實木桌倚靠著實心金屬烤漆暗色層板與幾何量體序列分割的展示櫃,延伸至中式料理廚房所搭配純白色系長方花磚交釘的「知識」之牆

聽覺 / 自客廳鍍鈦金屬包覆的半通透量體,分隔著演奏小間由木質亂紋拼接的「記憶」之牆

觸覺 / 自工作室以深芋色為色彩基調,對比著透明茶色無接縫玻璃的「戲劇」之牆

嗅覺 / 自走廊隱蔽在純白色暗牆內的化妝間,以淺米白色石英磚及貝殼腰帶磚花式拼貼延伸至以純白為基調搭配淺綠灰的壁紙繃部床頭飾板的「意識」之牆



業主為一對年輕夫婦,男主人從事國際貿易有著幼年成長於阿根廷的記憶,女主人則是個性鮮明直率的高階軟體工程師,夫婦倆有著看似相異卻又相近的生活記憶。設計者透過「牆」的概念,嘗試以「五感」內化使用者對於石材、鐵件、實木等原素材的生活記憶與場景對話。至此,生活中不再阻隔 而是人與人無限的連結。

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